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A New Way to Dine in San Diego

Creating new relationships can be hard to do these days which is why Erin Shelton of Tipper and Co., a lifestyle brand, creates pop-up dinner events centered around guests becoming friends.

Welcome to the latest dining experience outside of traditional restaurants. Launched in May, Tipper and Co.'s monthly private dinners are aptly named TO/GATHER. I was lucky enough to attend their most recent dinner last month at POP Studio in North Park.

The dinners are held at different locations each time. However, given the white brick walls and concrete floors, POP Studio felt like the perfect space for this type of event. The decor was elegantly rustic with a beautiful table setting made-up of neutral tones created by Catalog Atelier and Plenty of Petals. We were welcomed with hard kombucha from JuneShine and a wonderful charcuterie board to snack on before dinner. Without hesitating, guests introduced themselves and the conversations started to flow. One of the reasons I enjoy experiences like this is the simple fact that you never know who you'll meet.

After all of the guests had arrived, we were asked to take our seats. There were twelve seatings at the table. Erin values an intimate setting because "it really allows for connection". At the suggestion of one of the guests, we each went around the table and introduced ourselves, spoke about what sustains us outside of work, and what our guilty Instagram follow is. Needless to say, it was an effective ice-breaker!

The meal was prepared by Chef Drew Lopez and separated into five courses with three wine pairings. La Finquita, a local Ramona winery, provided the wine which included a 2017 Viognier, 2015 Tempranillo, and a dessert wine named "Happy Place". Chef Lopez introduced each course as it was plated.

1st - mint julep melon + prosciutto + white balsamic reduction

2nd - chilled watercress vichyssoise + crab slaw + toast points

3rd - pickled vegetable + citrus fennel vinaigrette + herb goat cheese + little gem

4th - seared ahi + soft egg + olive tapenade + grilled gem heart + slow tomato + herb oil

5th - summer lemon sorbet + gran marnier

If you want to make new connections within the local community while enjoying a wonderful meal, this event is for you. Learn more about Tipper and Co. and their upcoming TO/GATHER events by clicking this link: Tipper and Co.

I'll leave you with a note from Erin herself:

"Sharing food is one of those things that's universal, and not a lot of people get the opportunity to sit across a dinner table and experience food with someone they've never met before. I believe that true genuine connection happens when we come together and break bread. I want to create and share that experience with the people around me."


Seldomly Still

All photos taken by Brianna Moss


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