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Recharge with Recharge: Wellness Event Company Launches in SD

Tea bar. Kombucha tasting. Aromatherapy Station. Vegan Tacos. Cooking Demo. Bath Bomb Workshop. Sounds like you're at a uber-pricey, exclusive retreat right? These are actually some of the items Recharge Events SD offered at their Launch Party this past Sunday evening. When I looked over the list of vendors and activities, I did not want to miss out. The event was held at The Point in Mission Beach, a surprisingly beautiful event space with indoor and outdoor components. As soon as I walked in, I couldn't be more impressed with how the space was set up. The smell of relaxation and spa filled the air, while lit with candles and moody purple lighting. Each area was lined up with friendly vendors and unique activities. My favorites were the DIY bath bomb station and sniffing all the wonderful candles from Humble Buzz Holistics. They also provided an on brand photo booth backdrop and fun instant film photos. I discovered the alluring back patio lined with string lights and greenery, which led to the vegan cupcakes, vegan tacos, and kombucha tasting. All extremely delicious. The event was tons of fun and made starting a wellness journey seem so easy! It was a perfect way to spend #SelfCareSunday.

Blake Farris, the founder of Recharge Events SD, is joining the San Diego community with open arms and a big heart. She believes you don't need to be intimidated to live a healthier lifestyle, which is the reason she created her wellness event company this year. Blake wants everyone from every background to participate in their own self-care and take steps to better themselves and their community, while all still being affordable. Her friendly and genuine demeanor leads to the perfect person to lead the charge for an inclusive wellness movement in San Diego.

Recharge will be hosting fun and engaging events that will include: yoga, wellbeing and crafting workshops, and speaking and educational activities. Whether you are a wellness/health junkie or have never taken steps to enhance your mental and physical health, you will find an event that fits your needs with Recharge. Upcoming events for January include a Vision Board Workshop on January 23rd and Yoga Gathering on January 30th. Be sure to sign up to be part of the wellness community and a positive experience.

You can stay in touch with Recharge Events SD on their Facebook and Instagram: @rechargeeventssd and stay up to date with all events at

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