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New Burger Spot Opens in OB

I had a birthday yesterday and what better way to celebrate than to try a new place for happy hour. That place was Royale with Cheese on Voltaire in Ocean Beach (Pulp Fiction lovers will appreciate the name). Only opened for a week now, Royale took over the location from Sessions Public. Walk in and you feel like you've stepped back into time, but with a hipster twist. You can also play your favorite tunes on a juke box (of course!).

Their menu consists of a variety of burgers and sandwiches, tots, salads, and other simple sides at a reasonable price. We ordered the chicken nuggets and tater tots. . The retro diner also carried over Sessions Public's liquor license, which means a full bar and cocktail menu without the extravagant names (i.e. "The Rum Cocktail" seen below). Come in for happy hour and you'll receive $2 off cocktails, wine, and beer. Their weekend brunch menu will begin this Saturday (December 30th). Another reason for me to return.

I'm truly excited about their late night menu. When the only option you have around you is Mexican and fast food, it's nice to have something else like a grilled cheese or tater tots. Needless to say, I think Royale is a great addition to the neighborhood. With their friendly staff and delicious bites, it's a perfect place to take a seat and enjoy.

Address: 4204 Voltaire St., San Diego 92107

Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-11pm/Fri 4pm-late/Sat 9am-late/Sun 9am-11pm

Happy Hour: Weekdays 4pm-6pm, 10pm-Closing

Price: $$$$

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