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Thorn Street Brewery Opens in Barrio Logan

Thorn Street Brewery, known for it's North Park headquarters, has opened a new, larger location in Barrio Logan situated on National Avenue. There were two venues: a tasting room and a warehouse venue. For the grand opening, the warehouse was filled with a bar for beer and a few cocktails, vendors including Salud tacos and a dispensary, booth and table seating, and live music. The tasting room had a bar, beautiful string lights around the seating, and hanging plants.

Address: 1745 National Ave, Barrio Logan, CA 92113

Hours: Mon-Thurs 2p-8p, Fri-Sat 12p-10p, Sun 12p-9p

Price: $$$$

Try: Cocomotive, coconut porter on nitro 8.3% ABV

After: Head to Salud for tacos and their guacamole


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