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Before my parents gifted my husband and I a KitchenAid mixer, the most I baked was chocolate chip cookies that probably weren’t that great. Now I get excited to bake anything. I’m still learning, but I’ve baked cakes to donuts to healthy oatmeal breakfast muffins. In an era where I’m glued to a phone or computer the whole day, it’s nice to focus on something else for a good hour.

Here you'll find a few tips I’ve learned to help me get going on my baking endeavors:

1. You don’t need much to start, but if you can get an electric mixer, do it. It will make baking a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention your right arm won’t be so sore from constant mixing for 10 minutes. Other than that, invest in a basic measuring cup and spoon set, a bowl, and a spatula. From there you can build your kitchen tools as needed. I found some great finds at HomeGoods for great prices.

2. Pinterest the hell out of recipes. I look through tons of Pinterest baking recipes and choose the ones I think will be reasonable for me. Simple ingredients and simple baking tools is a must in my world as I’m not so advanced yet. I don’t want to go to three grocery stores just to find an uncommon ingredient that is required. I also look for recipes that include items I already have in my kitchen to avoid having to spend so much. If I don’t have eggs that day, I’ll look for a recipe that’s eggless.

3. Make time. Even if you don’t THINK you have it, you probably do. There are plenty of one bowl recipes that take 10 minutes to prep and 20 to bake. Once you start enjoying the process, you’ll eventually set aside more time to be in the kitchen. Also, in the vain of time, be patient. The cake won’t rise quicker if you watch it. Put on some music or get some work done while the timer ticks.

4. Share with others. The best part of the baking process is not only being able to eat something delicious, but also having others enjoy the fruits of your labor. Everyone appreciates a homemade baked good. Feedback is great and lets you know you did a wonderful job or if there are some things that need to be worked out in the recipe. Don’t take it personal. When someone does drool over your cupcake or pie, it’ll put a smile on your face.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes found on Pinterest:



Mocha Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream


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