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Hi! I'm Celeste

Thanks for stopping by Seldomly Still. Here you’ll find tips for your adventures in San Diego and on the road. As someone who rarely sits still (except when I’m afternoon napping), I love finding new things to do and sharing them with others.  Whether it’s trying a new recipe in the kitchen, checking out a restaurant opening, stopping by a local festival, or venturing into a new city…I’m always up to explore. 

  When I’m not adventuring, you’ll find me hanging out in Sunset Cliffs with my husband, writing organizational lists in my bullet journal, munching on a charcuterie board, or enjoying a traditional whiskey sour (egg whites? yes, please!).

As you wander through Seldomly Still, I hope you find inspiration for your own experiences. I would love to hear about how you enjoyed a #seldomlystill adventure, so don’t forget to share your moments with me!





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